Welcome to the calm, relaxing environment of The Elements. We specialize in massage therapy, skin therapy, weight loss, life balance, laser hair removal, body contouring, or a full-day of beauty. Our friendly and experienced staff provides a stress-free environment for our clients. We offer free consultations and many spa packages that are able to meet specific needs and expectations. Our professional therapists are happy to answer any questions and will assist in creating a wellness plan that fits any lifestyle and budget. If you need a massage or any other service we offer, call us today and schedule an appointment.


This can be a treatment for tension and stress. Various Massage therapies may be a way to relieve both of these everyday problems. Massage may be able to improve physical and mental well-being. Our caring, professional therapists help our clients find a treatment that works for them.


Facials can be an important element in skin care regimen, and not just something that is done to pamper for a special occasion. Here at The Elements, we proudly use Glo Therapeutics to help rejuvenate and refine a skin tone and texture. Our natural fruit acids, antioxidants, and other active ingredients can help leave skin healthier and more radiant. Our treatments include facials and chemical exfoliants specifically developed to help achieve noticeable results in a short period of time. Our licensed and professional estheticians are standing by.


Laser Hair Removal— Shaving, waxing, and tweezing may not always be an option for hair removal. Our safe, effective, and affordable DioLux laser hair removal system can be an alternative.

Strawberry Laser Inch Loss— Strawberry Laser, is known for helping lose extra inches around arms, thighs, and buttocks? This process can help with losing inches after having a baby or before a wedding.

Professional Teeth Whitening— Your smile says a lot about you, so it only makes sense that you would want your teeth to look their absolute best.


Our weight loss programs are custom designed for you and your individual weight loss challenges. We will help you change the way you eat so that your body burns fat in a drug-free and healthy manner. Call us to schedule a consultation and free body composition analysis.