Why IPL Photofacials?

IPL Photofacial is a remarkable and gentle treatment for troublesome rosacea, facial vascular redness, large pores, sun damage and hyperpigmentation, as well as preventative and maintenance treatment for general signs of aging. IPL Fotofacial (IPL stands for intense pulse light) is a non-ablative therapy which means that it does not harm or remove the upper layer of the skin. Instead, it focuses on deeper skin layers to promote new collagen production and removes small vessels such as capillaries to improve skin tone, smoothness and appearance.  The Elements offers IPL Photofacials at our Mandarin Location only.

How Does IPL Photofacial Work?

Photofacial treatment involves directing short pulses of visible laser light over the surface of the skin. This frequency of light focuses in on certain skin imperfections such as age spots and other pigmentation irregularities, fine lines, tiny capillaries, and redness due to rosacea. The great thing about the IPL laser is that instead of having to use a separate laser to focus on each of these problems separately, they can be treated all at once with the Intense Pulsed Light photofacial. This can save the amount of time on treatments and cost for the patient.

Treatable Conditions:

Imperfections from Sun Damage and Photo-aging: Facial imperfections or abnormalities can detract from your well-being and appearance, no matter how healthy and young you feel. IPL Technology helps create smoother-looking skin with low-level Intense Pulsed Light (IPL).

A series of these treatments can potentially see a significantly reduce unwanted pigmentation in ideal candidates. The same treatments can be used effectively on the neck, chest and arms to overturn the visible signs of photo-aging.

Benign Vascular Lesions / Broken Veins and Capillaries: The face has an extensive network of veins and tiny blood vessels called capillaries that can break and become visible on the surface, resulting in red streaks or dark or blotchy spots on the skin.

Certain factors such as age, trauma, sun exposure and certain lifestyle factors can increase these number of occurrences. IPL Therapy can potentially get rid of damaged veins and capillaries by removing traces of these unsightly blemishes.

Redness Caused by Broken Capillaries: Many people suffer from broken capillaries and diffused erythema that caused them social embarrassment. For both women and men, IPL can help successfully treat dilated blood vessels without injuring the surrounding healthy skin.