Restoration Therapy Orthopedic Joint Injections

Around 54 million Americans are currently living with arthritis, and an even larger number are currently recovering from orthopedic surgery. Our experienced team can address your musculoskeletal issues at their root cause and can help you alleviate the pain that may impact your daily life. Restoration Therapy treatments use your own body to promote natural healing and reduce morning joint stiffness and joint swelling without any surgery.

Whether your joint pain is caused by arthritis, a long-time sports injury that hasn’t healed, or any other existing condition, Restoration Therapy treatments can efficiently alleviate your pain. Through a high concentration of platelets and growth factors that naturally occur in your bloodstream, your immune system can get a boost to help you restore your lost tissue.

Restoration Therapy is an all-natural method of relieving orthopedic conditions

Restoration Therapy harnesses the power of the body’s resources to regenerate and heal without any invasive techniques. The Restoration Therapy injection is directly centralized into the affected joint, allowing healthy tissue to be restored and replace the damaged tissue.

At Elements of Therapy, we can help you discuss your options and help you make an informed decision about your care. Restoration Therapy Orthopedic Joint Injections are a revolutionary way into helping you alleviate your musculoskeletal condition. Start living a life without joint pain holding you back – book your consultation today!

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Potential Benefits of Orthopedic Joint Injections

Stimulating joint lubrication

In some cases, prevent further tissue deterioration

Restore the joint to a normal function

Reducing inflammation and pain

May prevent the need for surgery